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The Speer solution always commences with a business analysis cycle to identify the specific requirement for your company. This requirement will be transformed into a business blue print to ensure that the focus is towards the business process and not the technology.

Speer infrastructure development
Business success can only be achieved through a well-planned and executed process. Speer compliments the company's existing systems and technology by adding technological and process advancements, which will save time and money.

The technological equipment of the company is key to implementing the adapted business solution as described above. Speer determines the Infrastructure requirements and matches the appropriate technology to the solution, always keeping the existing resources in mind.

Speer shared services
Hosted Exchange
If you're looking for a secure, mobile email solution for your business, our shared Microsoft Exchange Email present the perfect solution. MS Exchange lets organisations both large and small to reap the benefits of using exchange accounts in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, without having to invest in the costly infrastructure themselves.

Exchange Email is stored centrally on servers hosted on the Internet backbone. This allows users to access their email, calendar, contacts and shared files by a variety of means, at no additional cost.

The following means of access is available for this solution:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Active Sync
  • Blackberry

Our hosted Exchange service includes features such as:

  • Universal Mail Access:
    Anytime, anywhere access to all of your email folders, files, contacts and calendar via Microsoft Outlook or any browser
  • Mobile Access:
    Access from anywhere at any time to all your email, contacts and calendar via Active Sync for Smart phones and Blackberry for Blackberry phones.
  • Groupware & Collaboration:
    Share any of your email folders, files, contacts and calendar with any co-worker, project team, or within a department.
  • Virus Scanning:
    Because email is the most common method of spreading viruses, we include scanning of all incoming and outgoing email.
  • Server Backup:
    When was the last time you backed up all of your crucial email? We backup everything daily.

Mail Firewall

Mail Firewall provides protection by acting as a gateway between a customer and the Internet. All inbound and outbound e-mail passes through Mail Firewall. As the e-mail passes through Mail Firewall a number of checks can be performed to the e-mail, as well as any attachments. In this manner, a customer's corporate policy can be enforced, and a customers network can be better protected.

The Mail Firewall is designed to minimise the e-mail traffic being received by a customer from the Internet. By blocking all unnecessary e-mail before it traverses a customers internet line.

Comprehensive reporting of use and (attempted abuse) gives customers the knowledge to ensure policy compliance and best use of e-mail.

Mail Firewall enables customers to:

  • Detect and quarantine viruses (both inbound and outbound)
  • Enforce corporate rules (such as maximum mail sizes, attachment types, confidentiality checks reducing legal exposure, addition of disclaimers to e-mails)
  • Block chain letters and virus hoaxes
  • Provide anti-spam and anti-relay capabilities
  • Generate reports on e-mail usage
  • Use Mail Firewall as a mail spool if Internet connectivity is lost
  • Save bandwidth by stopping unwanted mail early.

The Mail Firewall can be configured to block e-mail in a number of ways according to size, type of attachment or even the text contained within the e-mail. Mail Firewall has been shown to eliminate up to 60% of the inbound e-mail traffic, thus making bandwidth utilisation more efficient.

Speer connectivity
Stay connected with Speer's connectivity solutions, catered to suit your business and personal requirements.

The internet requirements identified by Speer will be matched to the solution. The services available include providing different connection options to the Internet, E-mail, Anti Virus Control, Web Hosting and Design.

Maintenance and Supporting Services
Select your support level based on your individual business needs and considerations, pro-actively reducing system downtime.

The maintenance and support of the adapted solution are done by means of pro-active and reactive activities. In other words, whilst installing the solution, pro-active measures are taken to prevent problems. But as users experience difficulty Speer will be available to assist them on periodical call-outs. Additional services such as monthly reporting, project identification and user training is available.

Speer added value
Project Management
Speer manages the implementation of these aspects above through a specific Project Management Framework to ensure that the objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

Speer evaluates each customer's requirement separately to present flexible payment options accordingly.



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